• YILDIRIM OMURTAG, PhD, PE, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri-Rolla (Now Missouri University of Science and Technology), and Robert Morris University Pennsylvania

“Engineering Management Education and Accreditation: Past , Present and Future”

  • TUGRUL U DAIM, Prof. Dr.and  Director of the Technology Management Doctoral Program in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University, Director of the Research Group on Infrastructure and Technology Management.

“Evaluating and Planning Technologies through Multiple Perspectives”



“Otomotivde Endüstri 4.0 ( Industry 4.0 in Otomotive)”

  • Ufuk Tarhan, Economist, Futurist, President of M-GEN Digital Agency , Writer of T-İnsan (T-Human)

“Geleceğe Uyumlanmak (Adapt to the Future )”