ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT SUMMIT 2018 will be held in ITU Macka Campus and BAU Besiktas Campus on October 4-5 2018, organized jointly by Istanbul Technical University and Bahcesehir University. We will be addressing the cutting edge developments regarding engineering and technology management playing an important role in the digitilization which is highly impactful in a wide range of fields; including business world, academic world and social life amongst others. Accordingly, we chose the theme of the 2018 summit as “ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT IN THE SMART AGE”.

We aim to bring together the academicians from the field of engineering and technology management, professionals and students and shed light upon the current state and future of engineering and technology management.

Engineering and technology management offer solutions in order to overcome management related problems that stem from engineering practices and the use of technology. To this end we aim to integrate engineering systems with management systems.

The education in the field has began towards the early twentieth century in USA. Since mid 20th century, training in this field has spread across the world thanks to industrial development and the use of technology in services industry. Currently; bachelor, masters and PhD programs are offered. Engineers earning their B.A. in another engineering related field focus on courses on Production and Technology Management unlike classical MBA.

The engineers and other technical experts have to be trained in the field of management in addition to engineering and technical training they received and be equipped with the required know-how and skills.

We are highly proud of the fact that 2018 summit will serve the embodiment of these goals. We would like to invite you and thank you for your support to our “SUMMIT” that will present the trends and changes in the fields of engineering and technology management through the perspectives of academia and business world while providing a platform to exchange ideas.

Kind regards,

Organization Committee